Client & Provider Gateway

It works very similar to the group in-world with a few small differences. By default, a newly registered member is listed as only “User” and are allowed up to 15 days without any further action on their part. They cannot bid as a provider, cannot request as a client, they cannot comment, they can’t really do much of anything except look around and get a feeling for how things work. Past the 15 day mark they will periodically, once per day depending on how often they log in or check their e-mails, receive a warning asking them to confirm their accounts or they will be automatically deleted after an additional 15 days (30 days in total).

Confirmation is easy and requires nothing more than they link themselves via their second life profile to our website. This allows us to verify that second life has their payment information on file and they are older than 90 days. We do not, during this stage, garner any information other then those 2 things. We don’t know what the payment information is, only that it on file with Linden Labs.

This site is an extension of our in-world group, Builder’s & Scripter’s Market. It grants our users a whole plethora of options not available as just a group entity in Second Life.

Most notably is our ability to offer customers more security through multi-step verification our professionals pass in order to offer their services. It also offers all of our community more security with the ability to escrow their projects. An escrow just means you pay a 3rd party (U.C. Corp) and they hold the money until both parties are satisfied. This way our creators can’t get get stiffed and you don’t get a crappy product.

All contracts are modifiable. If you wish, you can rewrite any of their parts to suit your own needs. These were just the 3 most common.

All members of this site have already passed 2 of our security checks. Age verification (must be older than 90 days) & payment info on file with Second Life. There are NO members on this site who have not, at minimum, passed those first 2 requirements.

Members sporting this graphic verifiedthe, “U.C. Corp Verified Shield”, means they have initiated further verification through our group by submitting a personal information form (private but verified and on file), filling out a work knowledge questionaire, submitting references (persons they worked for or with), and either A) submitting examples of their work or B) given have a Market Place storefront or In-World store. As a final step we have a personal meet and greet, nothing formal or strict, just a nice chat to at least determine they are friendly and in most cases have voice. Voice verified members voice
will also have the ‘voice verified’ graphic on the right. Not having voice isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is mainly there to appeal to those customers that prefer it.

Soon to be on the table as an option for both sellers and buyers, the ability to require an ‘agreement’. Legally binding and included with a summarized laymen’s version for those of us who don’t like wading through the legal mumbo jumbo. 3 versions will be available.

  1. Client (buyer) has exclusive rights and full permissions. This is the easiest option for a creator/seller. It gets you in and gets you out. All you have to do is make sure you A) don’t sell the stuff you just created for your buyer for at least 7 year and B) make sure your buyer gets full permission copies of everything.
  2. Shared exclusivity and permissions. Almost as easy as the above but the sellers has to be on board too. You both have full rights and you can both do whatever you like with your product once it’s comleted.
  3. Creator (seller) has exclusive rights and full permissions. Almost the same as number 1. but in reverse. All the buyer/customer gets is a copyable/modifiable (excludes modifiable scripts) copy of the requested item. This won’t usually be the case but it sometimes is useful if the seller is in a pinch and can make what the buyer is requesting just not willing to accept their offer. As a counter offer they may take a low ball amount but don’t expect to be able to resell it.



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